E.H.S. Manufacture and install a wide range of varied windows and doors in both Aluminium and uPVC in a multitude of varied profile qualities and finishes as per your requirements.

Double sliding patio doors, single doors, bi-folding doors, single and dual hinged doors, arched, sliding windows, hinged windows, tilt and turn windows and fixed panels are all but just a few combinations that E.H.S. customers have all had fitted.

In addition to the above, further accessories can be added such as our wide range of glass and glazing options.

Double glazed, single glazed, tempered glass, safety glass, privacy screening, mirrored, one way visual glass and bullet proof are all but just a few variables and options of choice provided and installed.

All important Locking systems can be added to any above unit, be it the multi-point locking system (1500mm vertical height +), pressure handles, sprung loaded, deadlocks and key activated handles are always a favourable choice when protecting your home.

Wood imitation has forever been a popular order for E.H.S. offering a wide variety of wood colour grains from darker to lighter tones, including the very popular tactile wood affect that genuinely looks and feels like a true wood grain but without the maintenance issues of vanishing that are presented in years to come, especially when living close by to the sea.

Over the past recent years E.H.S. have been recommending the THERMO-LITE profile, which is an energy saving profile, keeping in the warm heat in winter and deflecting the heat in summer time.

A robust rubber ceil based in the cavity of the profile that continues throughout the frame works stops all unwanted wind, rain and drafts.

The THERMO-LITE profile has increased immensely in popularity since 2012 mainly due to the Spanish Government implementing a mandatory requirement of an ENERGY CERTIFICATE when retailing or purchasing a property.

Our extensive amount of available profiles, sizes, qualities and colour coated combinations is what has made E.H.S. become the leaders in our industry when contemplating re-placing or newly fitting windows and doors to your home here on the Costa del Sol.

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