Are generally installed with your protection and belongings in mind. A strong robust and heavy material that cannot be forced open at speed or with ease.

Jewelry shops, banks, shop fronts in general, restaurants, commercial premises and areas that obtain great value are usually the best option for this product.

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Available colours and tones of your choice


Have always been a favourite for non-commercial premises.

The main advantage of these blinds is the proven theory of “out of sight, out of mind”

Blinds manufactured in these materials are generally used as a deterrent only but also obtain a great function of deflecting the summer sun and heat.

E.H.S. Has never provided Aluminium or U.p.v.c products as an advised security measure, although over the years it has been proven that properties based in communities that have had window blinds in place have not been targeted as much as properties without blinds.

Again a non-visual of what’s inside, plus a noisy barrier to have to remove prior to being able to attack windows and doors to gain possible access, is always of a great benefit to the home owner and a huge deterrent to the opportunist burglar that’s looking to access fast and silently and without complication.

All the above blinds can be manual operated or automated and are supplied in the color of choice!


Available colours and tones of your choice